You Lose An Object

The finder contacts you within minutes

To stay connected to the world

To avoid being homeless tonight

To reunite the two best friends ever

To enjoy your new bikini in the maldives

Why Tatoox


Scan a Tatoox with your smartphone to register your valuables with your contact information. Done! No dedicated app, simple!


If lost, a finder who scans your item’s Tatoox will instantaneously be put in contact with you for fast return… perhaps even before you notice your loss.



To protect your identity, you decide which contact information is visible.



You can modify your contact information anytime, if you change your phone or when you travel for example. Should you transfer an object to a new owner, just clear the Tatoox.


A Tatoox has an unlimited validity: once in your hands, it works for life. No renewal fee, no hidden cost.


Tatoox works anywhere in the world, whether you are at home or on travel.

laptops lost in US airports weekly

objects lost in Swiss Trains in 2016


of people are willing to return an object... if they know its owner

Bring smiles

Let Tatoox help you recover your belongings … and together we help children recover their smile!

At Tatoox we want to have a positive impact on society, of course by helping our customers with our lost & found solution but also by supporting good causes related to children.

Hence, part of our benefits will go to programs organizing visits to children in hospitals or supporting education in developing countries. On each Tatoox pack, the amount of the contribution and its use is  crystal clear and traceable.

About us

We are Swiss startup, convinced that Innovation starts with simplicity.

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